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Meet the Founder: Lorna of Caring for Hair

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  • Jade

    October 09 2021

Meet the Founder: Lorna of Caring for Hair

To celebrate Black History Month, we're speaking to black-owned business founders to get an idea of their journey. This week we're speaking to Lorna Jones, the Founder of Caring For Hair, a beauty brand dedicated to using ingredients that truly benefit our hair and skin. Here's what Naiga had to say...

1. What inspired you to build your business?  

A need to address some of the hair loss and scalp problems experienced by both men and women 

2.      What achievement are you most proud of?

Being the Group leader of the UK CCCA Support group which is a voluntary role. It was set up by the Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation (CARF) and is their first international group that has been set up. We meet 4 times a year, on-line and women who have been diagnosed with CCCA or think they may have it, are welcome to join. CCCA is a permanent type of central hair loss that affects predominantly black women. 

 3.      How does the hair and beauty industry need to evolve for more talent to break through?

There is a need to continue to raise awareness of issues around hair loss and to attract more people into the field and provide education 

4.     What does Black History Month mean to you?

To celebrate black excellence and achievement and to raise awareness of some of the great things people are doing. I have developed a programme of 4 webinars completely free - around various issues concerning afro-textured hair and invited speakers to present to us. You can check out this Eventbrite page for more info.